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The message that Jesus preached through his life ministry was about saving the sinner from their sins and bringing them into a relationship with Almighty God.
Unfortunately, a vast majority of Christianity have become stuck in the ‘me’ syndrome.
What’s in it for me, I want blessings, where’s my ministry? etc…..
A mediocre life surrounded by shallow experiences.

God’s will for his church is for us to go beyond the shallow shores of me and move into a deeper walk with him. Ezekiel had a vision from God and saw water coming out of the temple flowing into a river.
At first, he finds himself at ankle depth but is then encouraged to go a little deeper until he is knee height. Again he goes from knee height to waist and then he goes deep enough where he cannot touch the bottom and is submerged into the water. Jesus is challenging us to go deeper in our walk with him, deeper in faith, deeper in spirit.

To a place where our lives are submerged in him. The church needs a deeper experience in the Holy Spirit, where our preaching matches our experience, where the power that affected the early church continues to inspire and direct the church so that we are transformed, our families are transformed, our church is transformed and our community is changed by the power of God.

God bless,
Pastor Jacob

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