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Disciples of Christ

When Jesus called his disciples he said “follow me”. They didn’t know where he was leading them or what the journey would bring. But after three years of following with many highs and some lows, Jesus left His church in the hands of His disciples and nearly two thousand years later, millions of disciples have followed on in the ways of Jesus Christ.

The mission of Jesus was to seek and to save the lost and His purpose was and is to make disciples. Followers of God, through obedience to His word and through faith in the Spirit of almighty God. Disciples who would love and embrace the teachings of His word. People who would live out Christ in their own lives. Disciples who would experience the power of God as seen in scripture and experienced today.

Gracepoint Church started 2016 with the theme of Discipleship as the purpose of the church and as we see the year coming to a close, the purpose of making disciples is still paramount in the calling of the church. Do you believe that Jesus empowered His church
with His Spirit and that we can change our world through Him?

Understanding that the words discipline and disciple come from the same origin, our challenge is to live a life with discipline as disciples of Jesus Christ. Disciplined in our lifestyles, our finances, our relationships, our time management and every other area of our lives as we follow the path that Jesus is leading us to.

God bless,
Pastor Jacob

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