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Message from Bro Andrew Celovski our Mens department leader.

Greetings in Jesus Name!

We have all read and heard what is happening in our world
today and we know that people are experiencing hardship at
this present time. Apart from all this, the Church still continues
to move on.
The world is changing, but we believe in the promises of God in
His word in that He changes not.
Regardless of whatever is happening these days, we must
believe that God will see us through and we need to purpose in
our hearts that we will not panic. As men of God and as we
lead our families in times of crisis, we must rest assured in the
God we serve and put our trust in Him.
We will get through this time because He is in control.
Please keep studying the Word, praying for protection over
your family, your life and our Church.
God always remembers His people.
Genesis 8:1a And God remembered Noah, and every living
thing, and all the cattle that was with him in the ark…
We are important to God and He never forgets His people.
Let’s continue to put our trust in Him.
God bless you.

Bro Andrew Celovski

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