Men’s Point

The men at Gracepoint meet up every second month to just hang out and be men!
Whether it’s a BBQ, breakfast, hiking, fishing or getting together to discuss men’s issues, it’s a great time for men to get together and enjoy each other’s company in a friendly environment.

We invite you to join us at men’s point.

Ladies of Grace

The ladies at Gracepoint meet throughout the year, whether be a high tea party, breakfast, dinners, ladies conferences or having teachings on relevant topics that women relate to and the issues they face.
It’s a great opportunity for the ladies to let their hair down and enjoy each other’s company.

We invite you to come and be a part of Ladies of Grace.

Home Groups

At home groups, we get to know the church family more as we have interactive bible discussions, refreshments and great fellowship. There are three home groups running:

1. Regents Park – 7pm, Wednesdays
2. Coomera – 7pm, Thursdays
3. Oxenford – 7pm, Thursdays

All are welcome to join us. Contact us for more information!

Zion Youth

At Gracepoint, we run youth programs every second Saturday evening. The programs help our youth connect to other young people and to God. We have an outing and service once a month, so check out the calendar for more details.

Our youth age is 13 – 30 years of age, so come and join us and be a part of Zion Youth.

Kid’s Point

During our Sunday service, we also operate a Sunday school for the ages of 5-12 and a Junior Sunday School from ages 1-4.

While the adults are enjoying the service, the kids are in their own room having Sunday School. The kids learn songs, hear bible stories and also do arts and crafts as well as making new friends.

It is a fun time for the kids and it gives mom and dad an opportunity to enjoy the service taking place. Our staff is all qualified primary school teachers.