The Name

Within the Christian music industry there have been a lot of songs in recent years, which focus on the Name of Jesus. Just like song writers like Tasha Cobbs and her song ‘Break every chain’, as she sings about the power of the Name of Jesus or Gospel artist Sinach as she sings ‘The name of Jesus’.

The truth of the matter is that there is power and authority in the name of Jesus!

In the bible we see a great miracle that happened in Acts 3, when a lame man was miraculously healed as the disciples, Peter and John, call on that Name for healing.

In another part of scripture, 70 followers are sent out to evangelise and they come back to Jesus amazed that even the demons are cast out of people’s lives when they call upon that Name.

We see throughout the book of Acts, believers being baptised calling on the name of Jesus and having their sins washed away.

Peter stated that we wouldn’t find Salvation in any other name other than Jesus.

Today, God’s people need to go back to bible basics and understand God has given us a name above every other name….Jesus.

In sickness, in trial, in spiritual warfare, in need of a miracle? Call out to God through the authority of His name ……..JESUS.


God bless,
Pastor Jacob


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    Jun Obejas says

    Amen Pastor! Our love to Sis Annette ( Happy Birthday to her) & to the boys.
    In Jesus name!
    Obejas Family

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