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We welcome the seasonal change of Autumn.

After a scorching hot summer (record heat), we welcome the seasonal change of Autumn.
Cooler nights and hopefully some rain to water our dry city, we need rain to wash our streets and water our gardens, to fill up our tanks and great big dams. We need the rain to flush out our rivers and refresh our wildlife. We need rain!

The prophet Joel prophesied by saying, “In the last days I will pour out of my spirit upon all flesh….”. Similar to rain that brings life, God said he would pour out of His Spirit…. just like we need rain to fall from the skies, we need an old fashioned revival of God’s presence to fall upon us.

We need it to refresh our lives, families, churches and community. Not man made or fabricated by programs but as rain would fall indiscriminately wetting everything it makes contact with, so we need a move of the Holy Ghost that would pour into every part of our lives.

Oh how I love the fresh smell after a heavy downpour. In the month of March, we are praying for a spiritual shift in the season. A time of refreshing, renewal and new life.

So put away your umbrellas and allow the Spirit of Almighty God to saturate you again.

God bless,

Pastor Jacob

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